Tejaswi And Her Cup Of Nostalgia


Aesthetics and warm things sometimes take you down the lane of the sweetest and the happiest memories that you have ever had. Cup of Nostalgia is one such brand that will make you relive those moments again and again with their customized items. Its founder, Tejaswi Rentachintala, is a medical student who aspires to become a surgeon.  However, she decided to take a leap of faith and start her very own successful venture, Cup of Nostalgia.

In conversation with Storiyaan, Tejaswi tells us about her life as a medical student, her love for psychiatry and surgery and of course her very own Cup of Nostalgia. Take a look at this interview to know how Tejaswi built this brand and how much effort and passion goes into making your dreams come true and successful.

Tejaswi And Her Cup Of Nostalgia


Questions and answers

Medical professionals have been the frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic and yet we have read about several cases where they were discriminated against for that very role. What is your opinion about that?

In India, there are political clouts wherever you go and then the government hospitals are degraded. According to me, legal actions should be taken to ensure that the frontline workers don’t get discriminated against because they are the ones who are working and saving lives.

You possess a love for psychiatry and have a deep admiration for Sigmund Freud. What is it about his teachings that you find the most fascinating personally?

I have always had an interest in psychiatry and I aspire to become a surgeon. But if sometime in life I have to choose, it will be between psychiatry and surgery. Freud has always fascinated me and his theories are very close, as I can resonate with them. It’s a very legendary quality that he possessed which enabled him to understand human traits.

Your posts are an amalgamation of your daily life and aesthetics. What first made you decide to build an account like that?

I just wanted to be accountable to myself by posting and maintaining a proper feed and that compelled me to do things in life which I really enjoy. For example, to put something on social media, we have to do our own research which will force me to explore more and that was the whole point.

How did a medical student first step into the world of entrepreneurship?

I have always been into art and the lockdown allowed me to delve deeper into it. I tried my hand at digital art and that is when I decided to make something monetary out of my talent. I converted my art into stickers and the positive response I received motivated me to make something bigger out of it.

Your brand focuses on a number of items – from Diaries to Tea Infusers. How do you gather the raw materials for your products?

Everything is made right from the scratch. I get the raw products online as they are not easily available in my area. All the materials are very costly in the market and I sell them at a low price.

You are a trained Bharatanatyam Dancer. So, what made you keep it aside as a hobby and pursue medicine as your career?

I love Bharatanatyam and practiced it regularly from third to eighth grade. I had to give it up because of academics. Although, I started dancing again during the pandemic and I am not going to stop here after.

An aspiring doctor and an entrepreneur, do you ever feel overwhelmed while juggling the two simultaneously?

Yes, I do feel overwhelmed sometimes. I’m not a very studious person and so I am not studying all the time. I wanted to do something new and different and I started Cup of Nostalgia. I started spending my time productively and now being busy has become my new routine and I must say I am loving it.

When you first started your brand, what were some of the challenges that came your way and how did you gather the capital?

Everything I invested was from the money that I had saved. The main challenge for us was being new. It’s very difficult to find stuff and marketers take advantage of your lack of experience. Later when I researched, I gained some knowledge, I got to know about some of my mistakes and I rectified them.

What are the things that you look for in a brand before collaborating with it?

It should be plastic neutral, eco-friendly and the product should be really essential. I prefer to collaborate with a home-grown brand that is organic.

You are also an advocate of mindful living. What reformations have mindful living brought out in you?

Only five minutes of meditation can bring about a lot of difference. Analyzing our dreams, being calm and prioritizing our peace of mind is enough to make the world a better place for yourself and others. I’m a follower of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, and therefore an avid believer of mindfulness and serenity through meditation. 

Quick 5

a. Favourite brand of coffee? : Country bean but Bru is constant.

b. One person you always look up to? : My parents and my friend Madhuri

c. Yoga for you? : Essential

d. Your ultimate solution to exam-stress? : Stop worrying and utilize that time into studying more

e. One message to all your readers : Try to be content within yourself have and spread love and smiles!