The 10 most important ways Samsung outshines apple.


Remember when World War 3 was trending. We didn’t know if the war was ever gonna take place, but there is one war sure to take place and here is everything that you need to know about the biggest digital war of the decade. This is a fierce battle with both oppositions being able to put up strong performances. But ultimately the winner will be the one which truly works best for you. Let’s turn our attention towards The 10 most important ways Samsung outshines Apple this 2021.

Where one does well, the other isn’t far behind. Both are incredible companies-


Let’s begin with why Samsung is better than Apple. 

  • Samsung DexIf you have a monitor you can wirelessly put this thing up to a monitor or a hdmi cable and it connects right to the monitor. So First, right off the back you can add blue clip productivity that the iphone cannot do. 
  • More Unlocking SystemYou have a fingerprint sensor, pattern code or you can do a face unlock. It’s totally up to you and your interest towards the Unlocking System. Whatever is easy to use you can apply on your Samsung device.
  • Versatile Camera System – Samsung has a triple camera with 100times zoom. More versatile because on these you can have more zoom you have almost 30x times zoom, more camera features than any other phone even the iPhone’s camera lags behind.
  • Device Choices – Like the S21 line or if you want something cheaper you can go with the A72 will give you the same look as S21. There are a lot more Samsung device options out there though. Samsung even has foldable devices which are lined up to be coming soon. So, you will get lots of options to choose from.
  • File System – The file system is busier. Here, you can plug in ssd, the overall file system is close to a computer, we could see one handed mode it’s an advantage and it’s customisable with one handed modes. Samsung also has this Samsung pay feature to make all your payments chaos free.
  • Multi-tasking Device – It’s a better multitasking device, not only you can multitask and view windows, you will get the ability to open multiple applications and the multi-tasking just goes on and on. Screen can be split or flipped and customized. And these features are available for all of the 1UI based devices.
  • Platform – Platform opens, it’s not locked down as the iphone you can also get launchers which can make help make it your own device and you wouldn’t have to use samsung’s 1UI, if you want to use Microsoft’s one sure you can go ahead and use that if that’s more your cup of tea, if you want to use nova you that’s also one available option. You can really customize it however you like . 


  • The Battery Life – The device is too thin even though it has 5000mAh, it holds on longer to a battery health because of its larger size so it lasts a bit longer than the iphone. 


  • Super StylishOpen – Only for the S21 Ulta and Galaxy Note Series. That is the true style of support, you have to get the premium S21 Ulta to use the pen or you have to get a note device for this particular feature that can help in use of the phone in a more easy way.


  • Innovation – Samsung is simply more innovative with their designs. They switch the designs more often than apple. Apple likes to stay pretty conservative. And so innovation has made place in Samsung’s house.

If apple ever brings something like a foldable device for example the Galaxy Z Fold2 in the future it will be sumsung who was first. When it comes to taking risks on smartphone design, the Galaxy Z Fold2  is a work of art. In the tech community this is really a strong showing that we are willing to take risks.

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