The Story of Hair Care Revolution with Traya

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From Struggles to Solutions: There’s Hope For Hair with Traya

Hair carries emotions, memories, and stories—of the entangled fingers of loved ones, the tug of fierce fights among siblings, the gentle pat of grandma’s soft hand, the thousand blessings of the elders we bow down to, and much more. When the nightmare of hair loss strikes, it feels like a wave sweeping away every dear memory we hold, along with our hair, confidence, and sense of self. In such moments, all we want is to disappear into thin air. Any opportunity that can save us from this disaster seems like a miracle, so we search every corner of the world for one solution to stop it once and for all.

Altaf and Saloni faced a similar challenge. When Altaf struggled with hair loss, they tried almost everything—from dermatological treatments, even chemical therapies and Ayurvedic remedies, unfortunately, none of them delivered the expected results. Altaf and Saloni embarked on a quest to find a solution for his hair loss, and they eventually stumbled upon an Ayurvedic practitioner who suggested alternative solutions. Although initially skeptical, Altaf decided to give it a try. He witnessed remarkable results by incorporating allopathy, and dermatology, and maintaining a balanced nutritious diet.

Thanks to their curiosity and determination to identify the root causes of hair fall, the world was introduced to TRAYA.

Saloni, the Co-Founder of Traya explains, “What sets Traya apart in the industry is our fresh and innovative approach that actually gets the job done! We’re not just here for a quick fix – we’re all about digging into the root cause of it all.”

Traya is India’s first-ever hair fall solutions brand to help treat hair fall internally by identifying the root cause of hair fall. It combines the goodness and knowledge of three sciences Ayurveda, Dermatology, and Nutrition

With the growing burden of hair fall issues in India, the brand has developed a unique doctor-backed solution where customers can take a free hair test that helps them understand the root cause of their hair fall. Through this unique model, and harnessing the power of the three sciences; Ayurveda, Nutrition, and Dermatology, there are more than 8 lakh customers who have chosen Traya. 93% of the users have seen results* (*as per an internal study conducted in December 2022).

Traya sets itself apart with a unique approach to hair loss that prioritizes several key elements:

Firstly, Traya advocates for early intervention in addressing hair fall. This proactive approach allows for a deeper understanding of the root cause, enabling tailored solutions from the outset. Secondly, unlike conventional treatments, Traya considers hair fall as a health condition, treating it with personalized prescriptions based on individual health profiles. Moreover, Traya views hair fall as more than just a cosmetic concern, recognizing it as a lifestyle issue. By integrating insights from various disciplines, Traya offers holistic solutions that address underlying factors such as gut health, sleep patterns, and overall well-being, all of which are integral to improving hair quality. In addition, Traya offers a complimentary free hair test to identify the specific causes of hair fall. This test serves as the foundation for a customized treatment plan, overseen by qualified doctors. Furthermore, Traya provides a dedicated hair coach to support individuals throughout their hair regrowth journey, offering personalized guidance and assistance. Lastly, Traya cultivates WhatsApp communities to create a supportive ecosystem that motivates individuals on their path to regaining healthy hair.

Traya’s approach to tackling this issue really leaves a lasting impression on customers. Their treatment journey becomes a harmonious and stress-free process, filled with trust, patience, and the promise of regaining lustrous hair and confidence!


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