Ankita Joshi-The world awaits

Ankita Joshi

The world awaits: Ankita Joshi

Sometimes in life, you have to plunge into the unknown to achieve what you want to do. Walking down a road less traveled is not the easiest of the decision. But if you don’t take that road, you would regret it for your whole life, about what could have been if we had chosen what we genuinely desire instead of what we had compromised for the easy and conventional journey. It all began by going through the regular current of life, spending my childhood from the pink city to the city of Nawabs. After completing my graduation, I worked in an IT company for more than three years as a software engineer. But soon, I realized that I had a strong desire to get out of this box of normalcy. I wanted to travel the world, to climb the mountains, to run down to the beaches to see the pretty sunsets, enjoy the tranquillity of the wilderness, know different cultures, understand how everything in this world is bonded together with each other, see the wonders of the world, to learn the hardships and to learn the joy of people. And thus, I quit my job and decided to start my own YouTube channel and vlog to explore and record the beauty of the world. My Instagram account “World.awaits.her” is not just the travel page; it is the collection of all the beautiful memories that I am making with every passing day in this world. What was started as leisure now has approximately 27k followers on Instagram? Buoyed by the success and the love bestowed upon me by my followers, I also started to get the partnership and collaboration offer from several resorts, hotels, and brands who want to join this bandwagon of influencer marketing. Finally, it seemed that my dream was taking off, and I would be able to create a self-sustenance model. I would be able to travel for a more significant part of the year, go to more offbeat places, and make 2020 a special year. But got stumped by the most unlikely scenario, a black swan event, Covid-19! The pandemic that has halted the world and has brought the world to stand still, all my plans, including the plan to visit my dream destination of Greece, have been brought to the ground by this pandemic. Now half of the year has elapsed, and still, there seems no light at the end of the tunnel till the year-end for the traveling. But, this hasn’t dampened my spirits. Meanwhile, I am trying to ace my skills with video editing and photography so that when everything starts again, I will be able to up my level and create unique good quality content. So, here I am waiting for the world, and the world is awaiting me to record my experiences on the way again so that when I look back to life, I may say that I had no regrets for taking this plunge because I enjoyed every bit of it.