Top 7 series to binge on Netflix

Netflix series

“It’s our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities,” a wizened, venerable Dumbledore says. Choices are difficult to make and inevitable. What would you do when you want to binge-watch with your friends and you’re clueless? You know you’ve gotta make a reasonable choice — something that doesn’t embarrass you and also sits well with what you love. If you’re in such a position, this article is meant for you! Be like Harry and make the right choice. Dive in to read about some Netflix shows that will make your viewing experience memorable. 

Netflix series
  • The Queen’s Gambit

Named after an iconic chess opening widely adopted by many grandmasters to secure the centre of the board, it follows the life of an orphan chess prodigy, Elizabeth Harmon.  Within four weeks of its release, it had set a new record by becoming the most-watched original miniseries of Netflix. The thematic richness coupled with production value and an engaging, intriguing storyline has been widely acclaimed by critics. This show’s strength also lies in the portrayal of a 1950s era of the Western world, the then chess culture, etiquettes, fashion among others. 

The protagonist, played by Anya Taylor Joy, literally mesmerises in this role as she undergoes phases of euphoria, loneliness, alcoholism, depression and adulting, as she overcomes her struggles to eventually defeat the greatest player. In a male-dominated society, this series also serves to break certain stereotypes regarding women. Oh and did we forget to mention it, but this is definitely going to increase your penchant for the strategic game!

  • Peaky Blinders

Set in early 20th century Birmingham, England,  it is one of the most epic historical crime dramas to have ever come on screen. Massively underrated initially, but subsequently gaining traction, it follows the lives of an Irish gangster family who go by the name of “Peaky Blinders.” What’s even more interesting is that is based on a real urban youth gang of the same name, active at the same time as the timeline of this series.

With “stylish cinematography” and captivating visuals that capture a rarely explored English countryside, it is a treat to watch. The spellbinding performances of a talented ensemble cast, at the helm of which is our beloved Cillian Murphy playing the authoritative, austere and impassive Thomas Shelby. The seventh and final season was announced in January 2021. Helen McCory, who plays the role of the matriarch Aunt Polly, will be dearly missed as she passed away earlier this year. It would be a fitting tribute to watch it one last time — “by the order of Peaky Blinders!”

  • BoJack Horseman

We’re acquainted with the idea of a hilarious and/or dramatic animated series. Have you ever surmised that creators can use these animations for delivering a message that is more murky or serious in nature?

 A black, adult comedy this show is starkly different from any of the other animated creations out there. A grim depiction of humans’ dark realities through a brooding, self-deprecating, yet occasionally funny horseman (literally, the protagonist is a half-human, half-horse!), it has been widely regarded as the best-animated series of all time to have ever come out on Netflix.Traits and issues such as trauma, self-harm, depression, racism, sexuality, sexism and addiction have been very realistically portrayed, making it a worthy watch.

  • Dark

Mind-boggling and indisputably a masterpiece of storytelling, this series is a piece of art! Set in a quaint, fictional German town of Winden where the uncanny disappearance of two young boys initiates a troubling series of interlinked events that exposes a dark past.  Weaving several characters and families together, it boasts of unprecedented narrative complexity, unlike other shows. 

It happens to be the first German original series for Netflix (and incidentally, also the best). It introduced us to revolutionary ideas of a time-travel conspiracy, the bootstrap paradox (undoing something in the past that can alter the effects of the future) and the implications of tampering with quantum dynamics. The show has received plaudits for its visuals, tone, musical score and a very sophisticated, yet peculiarly addictive plot. One recommendation before watching this, just don’t try to make sense of family trees and causal events, it’s bound to flummox you as “everything is connected.” Why you may ask?  Sic mundus creatus est.

  • Never Have I Ever

Admit it or not, most of us have played this game wherein we goofily blabber whether we’ve had any of the experiences when a questionnaire poses an imaginary situation. Based along the lines of this very game, this show explores the life of an Indian American girl who comes face-to-face with her awkward, uneasy societal status.

It has been praised for its South Asian representation and also smashing several stereotypes that White people tend to have. A delectable experience of a very desi vibe to everything it portrays, it ends up being a very heartwarming, coming-of-age drama that gives us a glimpse into the whimsical fantasies and desires of a typical Asian girl. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, playing Devi, has a very sweet and graceful on-screen presence, which qualifies it to be on the bucket list for binge-watching.

  • Stranger Things

No matter how old you are, what genre you like, this is a must-see series to watch. Supernatural creatures crawling on our earth and the kids struggling to face them with a new girl who has powers – sounds more thrilling and exciting, doesn’t it? It also has the best hilarious moments in between. 

Stranger Things is an American science-fiction horror drama television series created by the Duffer Brothers. When a boy goes missing, his mother and friends start a mission to find him along with the help of a police officer and a strange girl with powers respectively. On the other hand, another friend from a group of teens also goes missing and they too start finding her, involving more drama and thus resulting in fights. Eventually, the kids and the teens unite and witness supernatural forces and secret government exploits. As they search for answers, the children unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries and together they fight against them. 

  • The Originals

The series follows vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson as he and his family get involved in the supernatural politics of New Orleans. It has a lot of family issues and history, romance and an irresistible hunger for revenge. 

Klaus Mikaelson, the main protagonist, was one of the best written and executed characters. He is considered as the evilest among evil and it did not look better on him. His actions, expression and dialogues will definitely give chills to the viewers. If you wish to watch them directly without ‘The vampire diaries (TVD)’ then you probably won’t understand so I suggest you at least watch three seasons in TVD and then move on to this one. 

There will be nothing like ‘The Originals’ series ever made in human history. After this show, ‘Always and Forever’, will have a whole new meaning to you.

Netflix series

This show will make you laugh, ugly cry and above all make you realize the power of love and trust. It’s quite different from other series and took a new perspective to convey the message “Family above all”.

Which among these has been your favourite on Netflix so far this year? Let us know in the comments.