Top hits songs of Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh

ARIJIT SINGH is one of the most successful singers of all time and is currently ruling the music industry and winning millions of hearts. The music which Arijit gives us is intense, passionate and emotional. You could feel all the emotions hidden inside you just by listening to his songs.  Many  will agree with the fact that even if you had never experienced a heartbreak in your life, you’ll still end up crying after listening to his heartache songs. 

And how can we miss the top hits of this brilliant singer loved by everyone. If you are a “ARIJIT SINGH” fan, this article is for you my friend.


We have the most amazing and blockbuster ARIJIT SONGS you must never miss !!

“Khairiyat” ~ CHHICHHORE 

The song has a phenomenal composition yet portrays simplicity through its lyrics. Most importantly, Arijit’s voice takes it to another level.It clearly depicts the pain of someone who has feelings and love for their beloved yet due to different circumstances, they hide away from expressing it. The humble beats and rhythm with Arijit’s voice truly bless your ears. This song actually proves the hype of music as therapy. You could feel your nerves calm and soul flying after listening to its beautiful music and soothing voice of Arijit.

“Channa Mereya” ~ AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL

The soulful singing of Arijit Singh makes this song very unique in itself. This song connects with the listener on different levels. The lyrics beautifully depict the agony of unrequited love and yet portray the unconditional nature of it. It primarily states “love is when another person’s happiness is more important than his/her. Other person’s happiness means everything to the person” 

This message would not be able to reach its listeners if the singer hadn’t performed his job well. All thanks to Arijit Singh and Amitabh Bhattacharya for beautifully portraying the selfless love of one sided lovers. Instead of crying over a heartbreak , this song maturely celebrates the moments characters have spent with each other and Ayan blesses Alizeh for her future without making her feel guilty for not loving him. 

I think everyone experiences unrequited love once in his/her lifetime. Also the selfless love adds a genuine goodness in the song. This is the main reason the listener is able to connect with the song on different levels.

“Tujhe kitna chahane lage ham” ~ KABIR SINGH 

I don’t think any other singer could do it better than Arijit Singh. A lover’s emotions are complex and not all singers and lyricists are able to present them well through their songs, but here Mithoon and Arijit have done the job well. The highs and lows of the song effectively depicts the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster faced by the lover.

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Arijit Singh

“Agar tum saath ho” ~ TAMASHA

The song became the heartbreak anthem just after its release. Arijit’s and Alka Yagnik’s voices hypnotise us to feel Ved’s and Tara’s pain.  The emotions in the lyrics are very well portrayed by the singer’s voice. The characters’ struggle to let go of each other, their heartache, their tears and sorrow, the listeners can feel it all.

“Tum hi ho” ~ AASHIQUI 2

I personally refuse to believe that any song could be better than this. I remember listening to Tum hi ho while watching the trailer of Aashiqui-2. I was addicted to the song almost instantly. I kept waiting for the full version of the song to be released.

And the most important determinant for my addiction to this song was “the soothing voice of Arijit Singh”. He has sung this song with so much of a feeling that it immediately touches your heart. It’s this that has worked in this song’s favour. Adding to our favourite singer’s voice the composition of the music has taken it to another level. The music makes it the song we can hum forever. It just sticks in the mind. I think Arijit’s melodious voice is apt. for this song. It makes its lyrics more meaningful and heart touching.

Arijit Singh is a voice that has pathos to it. Whenever it is Arijit Singh singing, tears come from our hearts. He is the one you can listen to in bed and treat yourself after a breakup because his voice touches our soul and heart.

And when at 3 am you are all curled up in your bed thinking of your ex, it is always Arijit Singh one can turn to. He will help you cry rivers and then make sure that you never cry twice on the same person. AND THAT’S WHY HE IS OUR FAVOURITE !!



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