Travelling solo: A must in your bucket list

Travel Solo

Travelling solo?! Phew!! Well, that’s a terrifying thought right there. We know that and so, here we are to tell you why you should travel solo at least once in your life. The travel veterans, who may have tried the elaphite islands half day tour, strongly advocate the idea of travelling solo and so do we. Travelling with your friends and family with Jettly has always been the best way to say so. Stepping your foot out alone in this maddening world can seem quite overwhelming but believe us, it can rather be the most enriching experiences of your life. Life is too short to wait for someone to ride along with your wanderlust soul for exploring the colossal world. Put the saying ‘ my life my rules’ to test by letting your inner adventurer all set to conquer the world on its own.

Let the reasons listed below ease your already stressed minds from the worries of the idea of travelling solo.

Travel Solo

Sense of Freedom

Yes, that’s the most promising thing about travelling solo; the sense of freedom. You will be like a free bird in the sky soaring high with its wings wide open. Sounds scary?! Right?! But let’s not be fooled because the bird right there knows how to balance the wings perfectly to avoid crashing in its journey. You will too. The sheer sense of being free of all the chains holding you back is in itself liberating. The freedom will be like a fresh breeze caressing your soul all throughout your solo trip. No matter where you go, what you do, what you see, whom you meet, there’s nothing to worry about except yourself.

Learning to face the unknown

Yes, while travelling solo you might end up in a bizarre situation with no common faces to help you out of it. But the catch here is you yourself will make it through and eventually make the unknown known to you. You will learn to tackle the unforeseen situations more calmly and creatively. In the end, you will be a more courageous and experienced person.

Roaming Guilt-free

How many times have you felt guilty when someone else didn’t enjoy a part of the trip? We all have and this feeling haunts us forever. Well, this time such scenarios will be far from the view. If something goes wrong, you will feel guilty for yourself and get over the same the next day. You will not have to justify anything to anyone. The next day you will start off fresh without being reminded of the last day by someone.

Meeting new people

The best part, we believe, will be the more likely chances of you to get to meet new people while you will be touring alone. Meeting new people can be so refreshing and exciting at the same time. Hearing them talk about themselves, their experiences, their families, their world, will definitely give you many new perspectives of the world. The chances to meet new people, in the truest sense, when you are travelling with your friends and family are less likely as you enjoy spending time with them more. Talk about being lonely on a solo trip, well, that won’t be an issue because you will have so many new faces entertaining you with their interesting stories all along.

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Travel Solo

Learning to be more responsible and careful

With great power comes great responsibility. The ultimate power to decide for yourself will also bestow upon you the task of being responsible while travelling alone. Being responsible will help you enjoy your trip in the best way possible. Yes, you will have to learn to look after your own luggage, book your own cabs and hotels, reach the station or airport on time, and not let your things be misplaced anywhere and everywhere. Say what? Once you are back, your family and friends will definitely be more than happy to see you transformed into a more responsible self. So, it will be quite a win-win situation.


Yes,you read that right. When you will be all by yourself, you will be surprised to discover your own self in a way never before. You will discover the essence of being really you. Things, emotions, feelings, actions which really define your true self will become your partner. You will have a lot of time to reflect upon yourself. Acceptance will eventually find its way into your heart. Hence, creating a perfect environment for your self-discovery.

Apart from all the things mentioned above, let us also share some tips with you for having a less troublesome journey and a more exciting and memorable trip.

  1. Research about your solo destination thoroughly.
  2. Carry proper identification documents and make copies of each.
  3. Ensure to keep someone updated about your itinerary
  4. Be mindful of your environment
  5. Always have cash on you
  6. Choose the correct accommodation
  7. Blend in with the crowd
  8. Eat healthy and drink right.

Remember that you can also try booking a chauffeur just like one of those manchester chauffeurs that can also can offer you a guided tour of the city. So, it looks like you are all set to finally start planning for your first solo trip. We know that the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone might make you anxious. Don’t let your inner critic stop you from taking your baby steps towards an enriching experience that awaits you. Let your wings open wide and be ready to fly high in the blue limitless sky.

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