Twinkle Chandan

SEO has grown in prominence in recent years and is now regarded as a crucial component of any marketing strategy. Websites that have been optimized are more likely to attract customers than those that haven’t. So, if you have knowledge of SEO, you are already one step ahead of the competition in terms of lowering advertising costs while increasing sales.

Keeping this in mind,
Storiyaan spoke with Twinkle Chandan, the founder of The SEO Punch, an online Digital Marketing company that strives to provide you with all the information and tips you need on ‘all things SEO’!

Twinkle, like everyone else, began as a newbie, but her first internship inspired her to keep working hard and prompted her to create her own enterprise in the field of Digital Marketing. Be it website optimization, keyword research, or catchy advertisements, the team at The SEO Punch is determined to make your business grow and become more visible.

Keep reading further as Twinkle Chandan shares with us her journey as a founder of an online business, and her tips for budding entrepreneurs who want to make their own place in this field-

Twinkle Chandan



Questions and answers

What kickstarted your interest in practicing SEO and in digital marketing?

 I was in my final year of college, ready to graduate from KC College with a BBA (Banking and Insurance) degree. I was fascinated by marketing and was casually wondering about how it was evolving and having such a significant impact on people’s thinking. So I decided to give it a shot by enrolling in a digital marketing course. After three months, I knew everything there was to know about SEO. It was one of the things that grabbed my attention because it was both challenging and unique. Thus, I decided to give it a try and my journey began!

Could you share with us what you learned about SEO throughout your journey?

When I started my own business and began taking projects on my own, it was a game-changer for me because I learned a variety of skills, including how to deal with clients and how to handle each and every aspect of SEO, how to master content and what kind of content should be given to them, which websites will benefit from which strategy and the list can go on!

What were some of the hurdles you had to face in this journey, especially as a beginner?

 I just knew SEO as a beginner, and I had no idea how to obtain clients, what to charge them, how to handle accounting, how to cover expenses, or how to run a business. So I learned all of this on my journey, and I was helped and supported by a number of people.

When did The SEO Punch launch and how did it reach where it is today?

The SEO Punch debuted in July 2020, and the original name I provided to my freelance page was simple, but I couldn’t locate a suitable domain for it, and it didn’t give me the required satisfaction. I’m always thinking about keywords, and my domain required one. As a result, I named my company The SEO Punch- the latter signifying the kick a woman provides through her work. My dream as an intern was to create my own business, and the pandemic provided me with the opportunity. I started with an Instagram profile, quit my job when I received my first client, and gradually gained clients through my work.

As an expert in SEO strategies, what are some of the ways you use to make business more visible and optimize it?

 I put a lot of emphasis on the website’s content because that is the one thing that a user will like and turn into a customer, not simply a reader. I attempt to think about how the target audience thinks and gain insight into their thought process. I simply analyze it and, as a result, add or update material on the website, which is how I optimize it. It is, in my opinion, the only way that works best!

What are some of the necessary qualifications required for the newbies to stand out in this field? What institutions and trainings would you recommend for the same?

If you’re a newcomer to digital marketing, I recommend starting with an internship rather than freelancing because an internship will provide you with free training as well as money. Just explore yourself and the market before deciding what niche you should go with. Also, figure out THAT one strength of yours and dive into freelancing! You can opt for institutes like IIDE or online courses such as Moz, Uber Suggest. You can also take help from youtube and then go for a professional course.

If you wish to personalize your websites in a unique way and increase the traffic quality, or you’re just a beginner wanting to enhance your online marketing skills, you can check out and they’ll be happy to assist you!