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Come What May! – V & N Events

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the small details and this is very important to absorb when you are in the events business. We, Vidushi and Naved- V & N events started off in 2017. We both completed our course from NIEM in Mumbai and were doing a job in Mumbai. After a while, we started working together as partners, and that’s how we started our company. We had done a few events before we formed the company.

V & N Events grew mostly by word of mouth after our first event which was a wedding. We operate along with a group of enthusiastic interns. One of us handles the event flow, show running and technical, and the other is good in designing and client servicing.

From Mumbai to Udaipur, the journey has been very hard as the working of both cities was different, be it clients, vendors or hotels.

Every event was a learning experience for us, and so we could easily tackle all of the issues that came our way.

Our way of working is different as we are almost like a family, and so no one is superior to anyone. Everyone looks after their work, and each of our team members is very lively and energetic. They are on their toes all the time and never throws fits. We make sure that the team does not have to go through anything due to work. We have our tie-ups for decor, sound, lights and food, we have been working in unison with everyone. When planning a wedding, the choice of venue often sets the tone for the entire event. But beyond the traditional hall or outdoor setting lies a unique and heartwarming option: a tipi. These structures, with their organic ambiance and airy spaces, can be the perfect backdrop for a couple’s special day. Explore the array of options with Bar Events UK’s comprehensive wedding tipi hire services to create a setting that’s truly memorable.

Our weddings have been featured in the Wedding Sutra, Décor Sutra, The Wedding Brigade and many such wedding pages.

V & N Events and Entertainment has a different concept and a different theme for every event. We cater to the needs of the clients and only provide them what suits them the best. Since our first event, we have never repeated any theme or concept, and that is what perhaps stands out, the fact that a lot of creative brainstorming happens while finalizing details for instance, the entry of the bride.

This lockdown has been a little harsh, but we promise to operate in the same positive manner as we always do, Come, what may!

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