Vidya Vivek: Revolutionizing the fashion industry

Vidya Vivek: Revolutionizing the fashion industry

“The more I share, the more I learn.” Vidya Vivek, a girl like any other pinning scraps of cloth together to weave a dress for her doll has gone forward to run a whole fashion school: Vidya Fashion Academy.

Vidya’s quest has been a success, with a gold medal from former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Vidya has gone from fantasizing about fashion and the colourful patterned world surrounding it to making her position in it. She not only completed her TR Masters and was invited by Shingo Santo personally, but she also earned his support in establishing the first TR Cutting School in India.

With Storiyaan, Vidya talks about her journey and shares her views on modern day fashion. Dig in to know more.

Vidya Vivek: Revolutionizing the fashion industry

Vidya Vivek: Revolutionizing the fashion industry


Questions and answers

Can you relate to us the events in your life that helped you choose fashion designing as a career?

As coming from a family of textiles, I have always been drawn towards fabrics and their intricacies, designs, and structures. It was very early in my childhood that I decided to choose this field and work in it. I had a knack for designing and I knew it. That’s how it happened.

Who/What are the sources that you rely on when it comes to drawing inspiration for your designs?

Nature has been the greatest source for any design inspiration. The history, culture and background of a lot of different places I travel to serve as my muse sometimes. The detailing in design that I achieve is mostly from the inspiration I derive from my surroundings.

When you initially started Vidya Fashion Academy, what were the biggest challenges that came your way and how did you deal with them?

At Vidya Fashion Academy we have a very different approach for learning fashion and the biggest challenge is to make it understandable to people who are accustom to traditional methods. It is our aim and ultimate goal to make our Indian students compete with International Standards.


What are some of the courses that Vidya Fashion Academy offers and how can interested readers find out more about them?

The courses at VFA are very practically designed that craft students to become fashion entrepreneurs. Each course in learned in 4 stages of understanding, development, improvisation and implementation, with 90% practical and 10% of theory along with printed manuals. Expertise Diploma in Indian Boutique Management course, Diploma in Fashion Designing and Styling with Global approach, and High Fashion Couture Sewing Diploma which is one of a kind for Haute Couture Sewing Skills are some of our programs. We have custom programs, with the ability for the layman to pave their way in the fashion world.

For your students, do you prefer traditional illustrating styles or newer digital mediums? Why?

I prefer contemporary learning over traditional methods. However, digital learning come later, only when their fundamentals are strong. The base always remains same for many software applications.

What are some of the ethics that are important for someone working in the fashion industry to stick to?

ORIGINALITY, something I look forward to. Designers need to be skillful and knowledgeable to create authentic pieces and structures.

Can you share with us the methods that you follow to track trends and stay in touch with the current consumer?

Being a member of WGSN there is a constant reminder for understanding Global Fashion and keep upgrading. I visit many Fashion events, Textile expos and Trade shows for the awareness of some latest Fabric and Trims.


Tell us about your experience of being awarded the Gold Medal from the former President Dr. Kalam.

The 4 year of my hard work with many sleepless nights while I did for fulfilling my dreams was rewarded in a very prestigious way by Sir Kalam. It definitely brings a lot of pride and honour.

What would be your advice to students trying to dip their feet into the world of fashion and what are some of the courses they should look out for?

As they say, there is no short cut for success. I would suggest any aspiring Fashion Designer to invest quality time and put their MIND & SOUL to make a career in Fashion without turning back.

Rapid Fire

  • One piece of clothing that can never go wrong as an office-wear
  • One fashion advice for college students
    Play with layering clothes
  • One word to define your personal style when it comes to fashion
  • Your greatest pet-peeve in the industry
    Half baked designers
  • One fashion trend you hope never makes a come-back
    Low waist torn jeans

This was an interesting bit of conversation that we had with the Founder of Vidya Vivek Fashion Academy. If fabrics and fashion are your calling, get in touch with the Instagram ID below and book your seat at the premier academy.