Vinuta Sandeep: Beauty to Brilliance

Vinuta Sandeep: Beauty to Brilliance

Meet Vinuta Sandeep, the perfect definition of a super woman! From being a Fashion Designing Lecturer at INIFD Hubli to an international Aari Embroidery Trainer, she has conquered it all. Her unique and attractive embroidery designs have been showcased in India, Vietnam, and Myanmar, leaving almost everyone in awe. But that’s not all, Vinuta has also made her mark in the beauty pageant world. Follow her journey to success and be inspired!

Vinuta Sandeep: Beauty to Brilliance


Questions and answers

You happened to be a runner up won the Mrs. India Karnataka Pageant. Describe the entire experience to us.

 As a Hubballi native, I’ve always had a passion for modeling. Despite never finding the right opportunity in my youth, I made it a priority to accomplish my goal when I turned 40. Registering for Mrs. India Karnataka was at the top of my bucket list, and after two years of consideration, I finally decided to participate. Despite facing challenges along the way, with the support of my family, I proudly became one of the 36 finalists in the Classic category, ultimately achieving multiple titles. This journey taught me that every woman deserves to explore themselves and be celebrated for who they are. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the incredible experience.

You’ve conducted workshops for Aari embroidery around India, Myanmar, and Vietnam. How has the experience been so far?

I am grateful for the chance to impart my knowledge and experiences to students from diverse backgrounds. Each encounter is a learning opportunity, as I am continuously amazed by the unique creativity of each student in employing fundamental techniques to create contemporary and traditional designs.

Why do you feel being in touch with our traditional art is important in the contemporary world?

Despite India’s abundant cultural wealth, many remain unaware of its riches. Aari embroidery, a traditional art form, has gained popularity among well-known international fashion brands, but it’s up to us to preserve and showcase our exceptional work that seamlessly blends with modern times.

Do you wish to make Aari embroidery a globalized art form? What are some steps that you would like to take for the same?

Indian artisans have not been given the credit they deserve. However, I see a shift in awareness, and I am passionate about educating future designers on this beautiful art form.

How would you like to expand your business of fashion designing, leaving an impact at the same time?

Teaching is my passion and I love the positive energy I get when working with young designers. That’s why I’ve decided to continue teaching and set up an embroidery unit for international designers. I’ll also be training women in aari embroidery.

Do you think this art form is symbolic of women’s form of expression in rural and traditional India?

In the past, Aari embroidery  was practiced exclusively by the mochi community. Today, it is celebrated as a traditional form of expression for everyone, regardless of gender. It’s encouraging to see more women taking an interest in this beautiful art.

What are the major roadblocks you faced on your path to success?

My journey has its fair share of interruptions like every Indian woman has. Despite this, I strongly believe that if you have a dream, you must work towards it.

Due to the pandemic, everything was done virtually. How did the shift from offline to online treat you and your work?

I saw an opportunity to enhance my skills during the lockdown. Online classes turned out to be a blessing for me as I had students from different parts of the world, including Florida, Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar, and India. 

How has the pageant-winning experience molded you as a person?

The pageant win has boosted my confidence and also made me realize my self-worth. It has made me stronger to perform under pressure. It has groomed me overall to be a better person. It has made me the queen in my family and my kids look up to me as their inspiration.

What would be your advice to young entrepreneurs dipping their feet into entrepreneurship?

Never stop dreaming. Dreams come true, we just need to wake up and work towards achieving our dream. Nothing comes easy. If you wish to live your dream then hardwork, consistency and patience are of utmost importance!

Rapid Fire

  1. A designer you look upto  – Manish Arora
  2. Your inspiration – Nature
  3. A mantra that keeps you going – Create your happiness
  4. A fabric you love working with – Cambric
  5.  A fashion fad that you hate – low-rise pants