Vishnu Prabhakar-Photographer’s Passion

Vishnu Prabhakar
Vishnu Prabhakar

Capturing a Photographer's Passion- Vishnu Prabhakar

My journey as a photographer started in the year 2011 when I got my first camera. I used to click photographs with my newly acquired Sony Ericson Cybershot, and my friends suggested I learned the art and introduced me to professional photographers like Balan Madhavan, Hari Menon, Steve McCurry. I began to study their work and was immensely inspired, which compelled me to buy a DSLR in 2011. After that, there was no looking back, and I relentlessly worked towards it. I made my first short film when I was pursuing an M.Tech degree. I did not receive support from my family, as they didn’t want me to pursue photography as a profession. My team and I received positive reviews for our short film. A year later with a heavy heart, I took up the job of an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering. During the initial days, I was happy, because of its stable, constant income, and all was there. As days passed, I couldn’t focus on my profession, my mind was somewhere and I was doing something else. Which pushed me to apply for NID, for Film and Video Communication, and got selected for the same. But I was not able to due to join due to financial constraints and familial issues.

A bout of depression hit me, and I didn’t indulge in photography for about 1 ½ years. I used to capture landscapes and sights that I came across during my travels, and I did travel photography, which was very much my cup of tea. Still, I wanted to do something different, so I pushed my limits and kept practicing Portrait Photography until I perfected it. I also made quite a few ad films.

My wife noticed my melancholy, restlessness, and asked why I was doing something that I didn’t love, which encouraged me to pursue my passion, I was in a phase where I had quit my job, and I had no clue what to do next. I was at my home exploring, studying, and researching all the time. A friend of mine- Krishand put me in touch with an associate of his, and I was a part of the Katha organization in Bangalore, where I told stories about real people, their fine acts of humanity which alters the life around, for the better. These are stories in the format of videos about initiatives, topics, and causes that have a real impact on a being or society. made videos, filmed documentaries, and my career started taking off.

Later, I worked in Vrithakrithiyulla Chathuram (A minor Inconvenience), as Associate Cinematographer which happens to be a Feature Film, directed by Krishand. It got selected for 24th IFFK in the International competition section, which received applause and recognition.

After that I worked as a cinematographer in a Web Series Ennum Varunna Dhoomakedhu (Everyday Meteor) which got selected for Seoul Web-Fest 2020, I have been working on various commercials and documentaries. There are times when I’m not satisfied with my work, but I push myself as much as possible. I’m sometimes skeptical of others’ opinions and judgment, but I know I have chosen this path for me, and there is no looking back ever since.