Vrinda Singh: An Artist’s Voyage

Vrinda Singh

An Artist’s Voyage -Vrinda Singh

I never thought of being a makeup artist. But my colleagues opined that I had good acting and makeup skills. This was in 2015 when I worked in post-production with NDTV with a model like Ambika Anand. About 1.6 years in, I then got a degree in Makeup from Makeup Forever Academy in Singapore and returned to Mumbai.

I joined Subhash Shinde’s academy, who’s a celebrity makeup artist. I assisted him in various seminars, films and projects, and managed the academy. A year later, I began freelancing, along with conducting makeup and bridal classes. I worked with huge names like Darshan Raval and Parneet Chauhan. And about 1.6 years later, my mind flitted into pursuing acting.

I began with vlogging & created my YouTube channel and on Instagram. I shared my weight-loss journey and promoted my page. I eventually shifted to skincare and makeup videos and ultimately, to acting. And now, I have acted in several web-series, TV series, films and more. Then again, the industry isn’t what it seems like.

As a fresher, with no support, the journey was a hard nut to crack. I still struggle to get my hands on acting. There are innumerable actors out there, but if one doesn’t feel supported, one begins to feel demotivated. One comes to the point of fighting for one’s essentials in life. Many people in the industry have asked for sleepovers or to spend time with them. And so, one of the stepping stones of my journey has been harassment. It was tough working with celebrity makeup artists because discrimination is always there. Today, what I am, relies on my hard work, and it swells my heart with pride.

If one wishes to enter the media industry, one has to do it with passion. What we see, the glamour and eliteness isn’t the reality. This also derives from patience and familial support. One needs family, for one may fall into the wrong people at times.

Challenges strike my core, and I love them. 5-6 years ago, a friend challenged me that I would fail in my journey. I took that positively and came this far. She also once said that there are wrong people all around us— Vrinda, fly so high, that these people might not reach you. Once you’re out of their zone, they will never try to pull you down.

The most memorable moments of my life remain when my work or I get recognised on some level, or my parents hear praises for my work. 3000 km away, when a stranger acclaims my work to my parents, it feels good.