Weaving Magic with Magique

Weaving Magic with Magique

In today’s competitive world, starting your own venture that fetches you good consumerism is quite challenging but not impossible. Runjhun Mathur is one such investment banker turned entrepreneur who has turned tables with her brand Magique.

She started the brand with bare minimum but at present it has set it’s own benchmark. All of it came true because of the well developed concept that the Founder has put forth.

True to its name, the brand weaves magic with their handcrafted products that will surely be a delight for your ethnic taste. From being a sustainability conscious brand to living up to all the parameters of trust, Runjhun Mathur with her brand has earned all of it. Keep reading to know more about Runjhun Mathur’s entrepreneurial journey.

Runjhun Mathur


Questions and answers

Can you tell us the story that led to the foundation of your brand and how did you gather your funds in the beginning?

I had spent a decade as a successful banker and realized that this comfortable 9 to 5 job wasn’t giving me the kick that I was looking for. The idea of linking age old crafts of Rajasthan with the ever changing fashion trends made me quit the dull banking job and dive into the world of colours.

The concept behind the brand is to create magic with the flavor of Rajasthani handcrafted products in the hearts of fashion lovers – men and women across geographies. Because I was a corporate banker, it helped me build a sizable fund on my own and with a little help from my parents, Magique started to shape as a bootstrap venture.

When you initially began this journey, you must have faced a number of roadblocks on your way. So can you share with us the number of roadblocks which you faced that made you a stronger person today?

I believe that trials in life can be tragedies or triumphs depending upon how we handle them. We all go through roadblocks, ups and downs in life but I am of the opinion that those are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. The important part is to find a different way to stand and take away learnings that transform us into a better and confident person.

How did the changes from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world hit you and how did you start getting accustomed to this change?

According to me, there is no demarcation between the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world. In fact, both are in order of sequence and since stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur was a conscious decision, I easily slipped into the role of an entrepreneur with my extensive experiential learnings of the corporate nuances. At times it is overwhelming to flip from grassroot level issues to some strategic decision making, but that’s the challenge and the fun part too. Besides, I had a compelling vision inspired by the artisanal community to shift the focus on hand made products from brands that use high tech machines.

What are your strategies to promote sustainability and encourage others to practice the same?

Magique is a sustainability-conscious brand. We preach ‘reuse, re-wear and recycle’. Thus, saving the planet and encouraging conscious purchases of handmade products. We use natural dyes and fabrics that are not only environmentally friendly but also skin friendly which makes Magique promote sustainability. We strive to produce small lots for all our designs, interweaving traditional and fusion wear.

Can you elucidate us the ways to reach out to Magique, if one wishes to get the ethnic Rajasthani touch for themselves?

We have a webstore by the name where one can conveniently purchase all Rajasthani authentic stuff online. Besides this we are on Instagram @themagique and on Facebook as magiquefashion. We are also available on Whatsapp- 9351074825. We have our physical presence in the heart of Rajasthan in Jodhpur and clients are welcome with prior appointment under current circumstance.

What life mantras would you like to leave for our readers after having quite some experiences of life yourself?

As an entrepreneur, my mantra is to develop the knack to feel the pulse of prospective customers and design actionables to keep that beat going in that target zone. As an individual, personally, I dare to believe that something within us is superior to circumstances and success comes to those who are determined like a mirror which never loses its ability to reflect even if it is broken into thousand pieces.So shine on as there are no limits to our aspirations and dreams.