Words Beyond Thoughts- Darshan Sanghvi


Beyond Thoughts is a platform for budding literature-enthusiasts. They struck onto the mainstream scene by introducing concept writing such as Beyond Thoughts Dictionary, Graphic Tales, and Flash Fiction. They aim to promote writers and give them an opportunity while providing their readers with a wide range of content.


They have also hosted quite a few events across the country. Take a peek at the secret of their success in this interview with Team Storiyaan.


Questions and answers

Can you start by talking about the role of writing in your life? Did you always know or did it announce itself?

I didn’t know that I could write until I tried my hands at it. I was once self-introspecting myself- trying to understand what I was good at. At this point, writing is a need for me, and the readers on the page as well. Writing has given me limitless hopes, and I don’t think that there’s anything better I could’ve asked for.

How did the name Beyond Thoughts come about?

I gave a shot to many fancy names but settled on this one. The fact that one doesn’t know what may happen the very next moment in life, that we are controllers, is beyond our imagination. We can write and think beyond our vision, and so Beyond Thoughts sounded like the perfect name.

Your page features many budding writers and poets. Can you share one of those stories or moments that touched you so much that it stuck with you?

There are many, but one among those is a guy who attempted suicide due to depression and several life-tragedies. As a constant reader, he informed me that reading stories healed him. He learned something from each one of the stories he read, and that made me smile from within.

What does a Monday in your life look like?

Like it should be– going to work unwillingly, due to yesterday’s lazy Sunday. But I try to put myself forward and back into the grind mode as the day passes by.

Were you a literary child? What books did you read as a young boy?

I hardly read any book at all when I was young. So no, perhaps disappointingly, I was not a literary child.

Do you remember the first story you read that made you fall in love with narrative storytelling?

The first book that I read, and it made me feel mesmerized and realize that words can do this- was Ravinder Singh’s I Too Had A Love Story. That was the first time I realized how powerfully emotional words could make one feel. It was pure magic.

People have their highs and lows. What is your mantra when it comes to coping with the lows?

I first learn to accept reality and then gulp it down painfully. If it creeps over my sanity and disturbs me, I divert my thoughts. Later on, I start looking for things I can do to solve the situation.

You once wrote a story of a young gay man who committed suicide due to ignorance from society. Why did you feel the importance of telling his story?

We are all human and all different. We know that, but we don’t accept it. We look down on people who are different emotionally or physically, and that needs to be changed.

You are a full-time employee in a corporate. How do you manage your time with the page?

My commute is an hour-long by the local train. I use that time to write/curate and read as many stories as I can. I also write at night before going to bed.

Can we all expect a book by you down the pipeline?

Yeah! Soon— someday. Every writer dreams of it. But I feel that I still need to learn a lot about building my forte and stories. It should manage to excel in my content as a writer.

Did you ever think of turning your passion into your profession?

I think about it every day. I try my best to evolve this platform into something more, with a larger scale and scope. But I also am protective before going with it for a 9-7 job.

What word of advice would you give our budding writers?

Read more and more. Do not just read renowned writers. There are a lot of budding writers who are terrific at their craft and need recognition. Make sure you end well.

Do you have a specific genre to write or read in? Or a favorite genre, perhaps?

I love reading fiction a lot. That’s what has majorly impacted me. But I do not explore a specific genre as a writer. I like to expand my scope with it.

Tell our audiences how can they get featured on your page with their work?

Anyone who wants to get featured on our platform can submit their stories to our portal (website). They can even send a Direct Message on our Instagram at any time. They can also find the link on our Instagram Highlights.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I write in so many forms. It’s hard to tell. But a quirk about my craft is that I write interesting short stories or short fiction. I think I can do that because of the power of structuring it the way I want it to be.

Who inspires you, both- as a writer and life in general?

So many things around me inspire me, especially as a writer. The unexplained events of life, the human situation, and people who have proved themselves to stand out in their fields.

Quick 5

  1. The first person to call when you’re happy– Deep Sanghvi (My brother)

2. Books- Universe

3. Music- Soothing

4. One worded advice for writers- Explore

5. Favorite Film- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani