Yachika Sharma: Did I have it all easy?

Yachika Sharma

Yachika Sharma: Did I have it all easy?

“One day at an audition, I was standing in front of a mirror and was washing my hands, when my co-model arrived. She looked at me and said, “Since you are an amazing model, you must have got it all quite easy. You were born to model and act!

”They say you see your whole life flash in front of your eyes only once in this lifetime; but that one evening, I experienced it very strongly. I got chills all over my body and I froze. In a swift motion, I could see a series of events right from the beginning of my life.

I remember when I was a child, I faced a lot of domestic problems in my family. I was a rebellious teenager who was constantly doubted and bullied in school. I was the closest to my grandfather, and he passed away when I needed him the most.

From being a complete brat to dating the wrong boys in my life, I have done it all. I had heard that after every stormy night, there is a beautiful morning waiting ahead, but I never believed as I was surrounded only with darkness with no ray of hope in my life. However, the latter years of my life said a different story, a beautiful one!

I met the love of my life, transitioned into a healthier lifestyle, figured my happiness out, topped my school, and came second in my city. I also topped my university semesters numerous times. Miraculously, my bond with my family improved.

The imperfectly perfect girl in me had finally grown into a woman who had learned to accept and embrace herself. I zoned in to realize that the model standing beside me was expecting me to reply. I was too overwhelmed even to answer her, and so I smiled again and left. This was a life-changing incident in my life, which taught me how to react the next time someone tells me, “You are a model! You must have got it all easy.”

I am not letting anyone who knows nothing about me or my story, put me down. I will keep doing what makes me happy with all my heart, and I know all the good things will follow.”

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