Yazi Krishna-The story of my debut novel

Yazi Krishna

Yazi Krishna- The story of my debut novel

My debut book- You’re Much Bigger Than My Dreams which is a coming of age love-life story, which travels for fifteen years around the life of Digvijay and Syahirah. I never had any writing experience in my life, but I always loved stories and storytelling. 

One day, when I narrated the story of my book to my friend, he casually suggested that I should write a book on it. That thought kept reverberating in my mind, and that’s how I started writing my book. It took me almost a year to write my book. After finishing my book, in 2017, I designed my cover and uploaded it on Amazon Kindle as an ebook.

When I received genuine appreciation from my friends and family, I knew I had to publish it in paperback.

That’s when I started to look for publishers. And that’s when I realized, writing the book is only half process; publishing is the other half and the most difficult one.

Nevertheless, I didn’t lose hope, as I knew this is a story worth publishing. I struck a self-publishing deal from Blue Rose Publishers.

And after five years of perseverance, I’m finally publishing my book. The moment I saw the first copy of my book was when I realized the entire journey was worth my effort. It was indeed a long journey, and I cherish every moment of mine in it.