YourSpex: To Match your Vibe

Kanika Gupta

YourSpex: To Match your Vibe

People today are still struggling to have a market where they can purchase quality products at reasonable prices. Mr. Vivek Gupta (Founder, YourSpex) realized that people are purchasing spectacles which they constantly change due to lack of appeal factor, besides the fact that there is still a lot of potential available in the market. After completing his studies from Harvard, he came up with the idea of providing fashionable accessories, sunglasses, contact lenses at affordable prices in the marketsCaptivated by his idea, I decided to uphold him and that was the time when YourSpex was founded.

The major block we encountered initially was the AI technology in our website, which was endorsed by Shopify. We had to endure Magento software to infuse everything, provide proper branding for our website and to offer an outstanding product. Along with that online ads and digital marketing was another challenge that we faced. Acknowledging everything about websites and digital marketing was a difficult call. In the pandemic we acquired time to learn about websites which was a good thing. But at the same time pandemic was full of cons, it came with another effortful task of attracting clients. The shutters were down and nobody wanted to get their eyes tested or shop because of covid-19. We were terrified as well because precautions and safety come first. Now that the restrictions are lifted, we are ready to serve everyone again with more fashionable products.

We provide brilliant quality sunglasses, contact lenses, power lenses and accessories to the customers at affordable prices and are constantly working on bringing out the best on the table. What highlights us the most is unlike other famous brands that offer quality products at high prices, we work to serve the same quality of products at reasonable prices. We are proud to have started ‘YourSpex’ a spectacles brand that promotes the sole aim of serving superior quality products at feasible prices so we design and you shine!