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SanSar Home

“I have always loved the idea of giving, and putting a smile on others’ faces, and that’s what I strive to do, not only for my customers but more so for the “SanSar Home family”, asserts Sarah Arora, the Founder and Director of “SanSar Home”.

In a conversation with Storiyaan, Sarah Arora spilt the beans behind her Home Decor brand which prides itself in spearheading the sustainability and Zero-waste policy in the Decor Industry.  Notwithstanding the struggles of running a No-waste and Environment-friendly brand, the SanSar family has successfully established themselves with a wide range of accessories and soft furnishing products with unparalleled quality.

Read more to discover the inspiring vision that is guiding Sarah in taking her passion project to newer heights.  

Sarah Arora


Questions and answers

What made you gravitate towards devoting yourself to the cause of empowering women at the grassroots level?

I grew up surrounded by strong and independent women whose teachings made me acknowledge the struggles and invisibility that women face regularly. Moreover, I envisioned a work culture where every contribution is respected and everyone feels equally at home.

“No material that “SanSar Home” uses ends up in the landfills”. How does your brand implement this zero-waste policy and what happens to the unused materials?

“SanSar Home” aims to upcycle textile factory waste into meaningful products. The textile scraps are collected and repurposed into creating products with the highest quality standards. In addition, we have eliminated any use of plastic for packaging.

Sustainable products often tend to be more expensive than factory-produced bulk products. Is there any particular reason for that?

The simple reason is that we suffer supply chain implications, as we do not employ economies of scale. At “SanSar Home”, each product is carefully crafted using different textile scraps which mean more time, labour and less quantity.

In such scenarios how do you preserve a stable consumer base?

We reach out to our target customer group and ensure that our explanations and considerations resonate with them. Once, they show interest, we guide them through our product range and retain customers with accurate data, a high degree of transparency and high-quality product.

What is your strategy of corroborating the quality and durability of your products and what is the best-selling product that you take pride in the most?

At “SanSar Home”, we strive for the highest quality and durability of the product. We ensure that with state of the art infrastructure, raw materials of the highest quality, stringent Quality-Check and dependable vendors and associates.

Our best-selling products are cushions and table linens made from upcycled fabrics and are also personal favourites!

What are the major hurdles that came your way in establishing a home decor brand?

Incorporating sustainability and women empowerment right from the foundation was daunting. Hence, working according to set ethics limited our reach and scope. Moreover, getting the user interface of the website right and locating the right vendors and top commercial movers for us were some other major hurdles.

What was your strategy of getting women from the rural areas involved in your vision?

During the pandemic several skilled women wanted jobs for their impeccable craftsmanship; we nourished their skills and helped them gain additional skills and further their income. This has rebuilt their confidence and fostered an atmosphere of ethical growth and value addition for us.